Sticky Fingers Live (2015)

1. Sway 2. Dead Flowers 3. Wild Horses 4. Sister Morphine 5. You Gotta Move 6. Bitch 7. Can't You Hear Me Knocking? 8. I Got the Blues 9. Moonlight Mile 10.Brown Sugar


I debated on whether or not to include this one. I’m not sure how “legitimate” it was, but since it showed up in Apple Music, I figured “Why not?”. Now, the band had released a deluxe version of Sticky Fingers earlier in the year. It featured a bonus disc with a lot of live material, so I initially thought that this one might just be the “extra bonus” disc by itself.

Apparently not. Apparently this is a fairly new concert that the band recorded to actually promote the deluxe release. Not a shabby idea. What’s better is that the band smartly realizes that the running order for the songs on the album don’t necessarily mean that the same order should be played in a live setting. Rarely do I see artists perform an entire album, but when they do, they seem obligated to play it in the same order as how it appears on the album. Not only does it not translate well all the time, but it also takes the surprise factor down a notch. So I definitely give the guys credit for being the first band (that I know of) to try something a bit different. It works quite well.

Now, unfortunately for me, Sticky Fingers was never one of my favorite Rolling Stones albums. Most fans would put in their top five. I’m not even sure it makes my top ten. The album was always a bit too druggy/hung over-ish for me to really get into much. The songs do sound fresh here, but after hearing it a few times, I doubt I’ll ever listen to it again. They already have too much live material. Still, nice to see a few cuts that never had been released live before.

Would love to see them to this with Exile on Main Street.

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