One With Everything (2006)

1. Blue Collar Man 2. One With Everything 3. It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace) 4. I Am the Walrus 5. Just Be 6. Fooling Yourself 7. A Criminal Mind 8. Everything, All the Time 9. Too Much Time on My Hands 10.Crystal Ball 11.Miss America 12.Boat on the River 13.Renegade


My guess is the guys wanted to put out a studio album at this point in their career, but the cash probably just wasn't liquid enough. In a desperate attempt to keep the coins clinging in the coffers, the guys were scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to release something that would keep their name fresh in people's minds as they continued to tour in less-than-spectacular venues with so-so crowds.

For the latest live release (I've honestly lost count, at this point), they did a show with the "Contemporary Youth Orchestra" of Cleveland, Ohio. Give them points for trying something different, but the diversity doesn't really add anything substantial to the band's sound. For a band that wants to aggressively shed its "pop" image and be more "rock" focused, this seems like a step in the opposite direction. Yes, we're definitely still tired of Blue Collar Man, and having an orchestra and choir back up the song only makes things worse.

Still, they're trying, and there are a few new things on here that you may not have heard on the last live record or two. There are two new studio cuts - Just Be is pretty good, Everything, All the Time is so-so.

The record is interesting to listen to once or twice, but not really worth repeated spins.

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