Songs and Music from "She's the One" (1996)

1. Walls (Circus) 2. Grew Up Fast 3. Zero from Outer Space 4. Climb That Hill 5. Change the Locks 6. Angel Dream (No.4) 7. Hope You Never 8. Asshole 9. Supernatural Radio 10.California 11.Hope on Board 12.Walls (No.3) 13.Angel Dream (No.2) 14.Hung Up and Overdue 15.Airport


I confess that I never saw the movie. I can't even remember the movie, and I couldn't tell you a thing about it. It really doesn't matter, because even though this is a "soundtrack", there's no real "theme" or "story" here. At least any that I can tell. Soundtracks can be a peculiar duck. Usually they feature multiple artists, or if one artist is highlighted, they're used sparingly intertwined with a bunch of instrumental pieces. This really isn't the case. This is, fortunately, Tom Petty from front to back.

Unlike most of his "regular" releases, though, this one seems a bit of a throwaway. Sort of an "Odds and Sods" album. There are multiple versions of a couple of songs, a couple of covers, and several songs that clock in at under two minutes in length. So the record is a bit haphazard and it's a bit difficult to really get into - as if you can't describe this album in any particular style - or state a particular direction that he was trying to go. No, it's just a bunch of normal tunes, some work, some don't.

The two best known songs are actually featured on this album twice - the leadoff song Walls and the very touching Angel Dream. There are a couple of good revenge oriented breakup songs as well in Hope You Never and Change the Locks, the former being a Lucinda Williams cover that sounds as though Petty could have written the tune himself.

Most of the rest of the record falls into the so-so category, with nothing to memorable or distinguishable, but it is Tom Petty, and if this was a spontaneous, throwaway sort of record, it certainly works better than most albums of such distinction.

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