She's Got A Way: Love Songs (2013)

1. Travelin' Prayer 2. The Night is Still Young 3. This is the Time 4. She's Got A Way 5. Temptation 6. Nocturne 7. Until the Night 8. She's Right on Time 9. You're My Home 10.Just the Way You Are 11.She's Always a Woman 12.State of Grace 13.Honesty 14.This Night 15.Shameless 16.An Innocent Man 17.All About Soul 18.And So It Goes


You have to hand it to an artist that can remain so immensely popular an entire two decades after he last released an album of new material. The man could easily just go on tour the rest of his life and continue to sell out arenas and stadiums providing needed nostalgia for the masses who still love his music. Having said that, it's not really all that surprising that his record company would milk his everlasting popularity for all that it's worth by releasing multiple compilations, live recordings, rarity collections, and anything else to capitalize on Mr. Joel's everlasting success.

So a record such as this one, a 'love song' compilation, shouldn't come as a surprise. Oddly, he didn't really have that many love songs, although he would frequently (to his disgust) get lumped into the Adult Contemporary and/or Soft Rock label. The best thing about this release is that it refuses to play it safe. He could have filled this album up with many of his softer hits that made him so famous, yet he's trying his hardest to stay faithful to the 'love' monicker. Curiously, there are some songs that I think should obviously be here that are missing. This record could have benefitted from such songs like Leave a Tender Moment Alone or A Matter of Trust, yet they're curiously absent.

The best thing, though, is that more than half of what is here is probably foreign to the casual fan, yet every song that is represented here deserves to be heard. And packing this thing with 18 songs is pretty cool as well.

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