Greatest Hits (1978)

1. Another Day 2. Silly Love Songs 3. Live and Let Die 4. Junior's Farm 5. With a Little Luck 6. Band on the Run 7. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 8. Hi, Hi, Hi 9. Let 'Em In 10.My Love 11.Jet 12.Mull of Kintyre


Should be called "Paul McCartney's" Greatest since several of the tracks here are from his career without his second band. Not that it matters that much. A great release at the time. If anything else, it was because there was so much material here that was only released as a single as opposed to an inclusion on any album. Noteworthy that he already had too many hits to include on a single album (there are some curious omissions, such as Listen to What the Man Said). Also noteworthy that when compact discs became the main medium, you could fit more music on a disc than an album, so 1987's All the Best is a better choice. If you want to spend a bit more money and get a double best of package, go with 2001's Wingspan.

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