No Security (1998)

1.Intro 2.You Got Me Rocking 3.Gimme Shelter 4.Flip the Switch 5.Memory Motel 6.Corinna 7.Saint of Me 8.Waiting on a Friend 9.Sister Morphine 10.Live With Me 11.Respectable 12.Thief in the Night 13.The Last Time 14.Out of Control


By now it was expected - when the Stones put out an album and then go on a tour, a live album comes out. This has been true of every tour since 1981. Problem was, what to include? They pretty much packed us with their biggest hits on Flashpoint and most of what was missed was on Still Life from the 1981 tour.

The answer was pretty simple, just put out a cd with a lot of the lesser popular (not necessarily the less known) songs that they had been playing live. This album features songs from the entire career, many which have never been done live (at least properly). A huge chunk is from their last two albums, but they choose pretty much the best of the lot to feature here. With the invention of the Ipod and the burnable CD, all you had to do was use your favorite live albums and make a killer playlist on your own. Good choice here.

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