Rareties 1971-2003 (2005)

1.Fancy Man Blues 2.Tumbling Dice (live) 3.Wild Horses (live) 4.Beast of Burden (live) 5.Anyway You Look at It 6.If I Was a Dancer (Dance, Pt.2) 7.Miss You (dance mix) 8.Wish I'd Never Met You 9.I Just Wanna Make Love to You 10.Mixed Emotions (12 inch mix) 11.Through the Lonely Nights 12.Live with me (live) 13.Let it Rock 14.Harlem Shuffle (NY mix) 15.Mannish Boy (live) 16.Thru and Thru (live)


Now, ask yourself, who would buy something like this? A casual fan? Nope. Especially since it came out only a couple of months after A Bigger Bang, their first new studio album in eight years. No, the only people who would buy this would be hardcore fans. Any hardcore fan loves a cd of rareties, even if they're subpar, a diehard has to have just about everything. Had this really been real rareties, even if they weren't that good, it would have been justifiable.

Sadly, most of what's here is on other releases out there, or flat out unnecessary. This is chocked full of live versions that we've heard before, a few irrelevant dance mixes of hit songs, and just a few real rareties (maybe about four). Considering the history of this band, they could have given us so much more. Not since Sucking in the 70s have we had such a stupid compilation. Some good songs scattered about, though.

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